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    what is everyones prefered personal defense ammo in 9mm.?

    I finally got my Spingfield XDM 4.5 in 9mm. It's my first CCWeapon.
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    Illinois ccw

    is there any new news on illinois ccw i havent been on in a while
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    Anti-gun Signs in Iowa

    if you have seen any anti-gun signs in iowa please list the name/town thanks for the input:angry:
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    Springfield Armory XDm

    I just wanted to get everyone's input on this weapon. I just got my carry permit in Iowa, I been a gun owner for many years. I'm 6-1 250lbs. ( a big guy) so I have chosen a full frame for my ccw. I'll going to get it mid- june. Thanks for ANY input. FREEDOM ISN'T FREE