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    Roni glock frame legal in Iowa ???

    Was wondering if anyone could let me know if the roni frame/stock is legal to own in Iowa thanks. Sent from my SM-N900R4 using USA Carry mobile app
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    Pitbull Tactical holsters ?

    Wondering if anyone on here has experience with Pitbull Tactical holsters and if so good or bad ? I am currently looking at getting a kydex holster for my new Glock 20sf I built up and really like their concept of being able to change from iwb to owb carry but want to know more about them as far...
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    One in chamber? Yes / No

    There is no difference between the 2 if you think about it the only way to not carry a revolver chambered is to keep an empty chamber in one of the spots otherwise its the same as carrying one in the chamber in semi auto or a revolver. Whoever thinks different obviously is not using their brain...
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    One in chamber? Yes / No

    The example set wasn't made by criminals one in the chamber is the old military way find something else to nag about troll Sent from my SCH-R950 using USA Carry mobile app
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    Concealed Carry Vest ???

    Anyone have any experience with using a ccw vest if so what brands have you had luck using ??? I have recently purchased a Kakadu Traders Gunnworn-Delta ccw vest and I love it but I am always looking for other options. As a side note I'm staying away from anything 5.11 related I'm not a fan of...
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    New to AR 's wanting to build.

    Looking for good recommendations for good parts and accessories for building my first AR. Lower, upper, barrel, grips, stocks, etc etc any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am most likely staying away from ordering from Spikes Tactical cause I'm not waiting a year for a lower. I'm...
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    National Firearms Reciprocity Act

    Anyone have any information about the National firearms reciprocity act and if there has been anymore progress with it ???
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    Looking for Kydex Owb holster

    Once again I'm posting this topic but adjusting the title a little more. Looking for a Kydex owb holster for my Springfield XD 45 4" barrel any recommendations other than Raven concealment.
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    Looking for owb holster for Xd 45

    $100 for a leather owb holster is a little much for my taste plus I'm looking for a kydex owb holster. I'll never go for leather holsters again for the simple issues such as wear marks on my weapons. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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    Looking for owb holster for Xd 45

    Looking for a "kydex" owb holster. Thanks though
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    Any Owb/Iwb Kydex holster that does both ???

    Looking at Pitbull Tactical holsters they can be used as both a iwb and an owb holster are there any other kydex holster makers that offer a holster that can be used for both like this ???
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    Highest velocity 45acp

    Just out of curiosity which "factory" 45acp round has the highest velocity ???
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    Looking for owb holster for Xd 45

    I'm looking for a good owb holster that rides high for my Xd 45 4" fs. Preferably kydex but I'm open to suggestions. I already have a great iwb holster but would like a great owb as well. Anything with adjustable cant would be a plus as well. Sent from my SCH-R950 using USA Carry mobile app