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    Best pocket pistol in .22LR for Significant other

    Hi all, I know, I know...but there's a reason why. My EDC is a SA XDs 9mm, my SO has recently become interested in carrying and just a couple of weeks ago we found a good deal on a used S&W Bodyguard .380 and we got it. Loved the way it looks, love the size, love the laser, but it kicks like a...
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    Open carry in Ms.

    Why would you not recommend it? Sent from my iPad using Link Removed
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    Dropping off child on campus

    If you are staying INSIDE your car, I wouldn't think there is a problem. But check the local laws and regulations to be sure. Sent from my iPad using Link Removed
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    How much was your concealed handgun class?

    No Class required in MS for CCP, unless you want to opt for the "Enhanced" permit, you have to get a 8-hr class which is around $75.00 The Enhanced permit (which is what I have) or "IC" sticker, allows you to carry in places that with a regular permit is not allowed. Link Removed
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    How to handle a traffic stop

    Maybe it has been posted before but I found it hilarious! Link Removed