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    SR40C range time

    My wife and I took her new SR40c out to a friend's yard and fired its first shots. First observation: The first box I worked through was Winchester WinClean (lead is enclosed in a thin layer of brass to keep fouling down). It did not work well for me. Had a failure to fire on the 2nd to last...
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    List Of Ohio Gun Ranges

    Link Removed Cleland's Outdoor World Half mile east of the Toledo Airport 10306 Airport Highway Swanton, OH 43558 (30 seconds from the Ohio Turnpike) The building burnt down but they put in a 1 lane pistol trailer. They are currently rebuilding so most likely will be complete very soon.
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    Quartzsite, AZ

    Heres more info if anyone is interested Link Removed And here is a copy of the notice served to officers (according to the town news letter) Link Removed
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    A little help...?!??

    Ok, that dog is a badass. Certified.