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  1. lessthan0

    Ammo purchase online

    I just purchased ammo online since the new laws in CT. Has anyone else? They didn't ask for any type permit other than a drivers lic to prove I was 21. I mainly buy in VT or NH when I'm up that way, No questions, no hassles!
  2. lessthan0

    CC Ammo laws can be crazy

    Here in the "great" state of Connecticut there are a bunch of crazy laws. First we have a carry permit, open or concealed. You may only carry ten rounds in a magazine. You may have any size magazine in your home, and have it loaded to capacity. You may have a magazine at the range or your own...
  3. lessthan0

    Perfect Sign for anti gunners

    Here is a link of a picture to point out anti gun neighbors....................... Link Removed
  4. lessthan0

    Newtown Starbucks Lands in Middle of Gun Rights Debate

    Here is a article about whats going on in Newtown CT. today. I wish I could attend my self! I appualed Starbucks for not caving!! Newtown Starbucks Lands in Middle of Gun Rights Debate - Around Town - Newtown, CT Patch
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    Sturm Ruger, #4 gun maker in USA, is leaving Connecticut

    Governor Malloy deals another blow to CT due to his recent enacted gun laws: Link Removed
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    Response to email sent to Sen Murphy (CT)

    Thank you for contacting me about preventing gun violence. I appreciate your correspondence and hope that you find this response helpful. Gun violence prevention is a sensitive and complicated issue that can be very divisive. While we may not agree on all aspects of how to best enact change, it...
  7. lessthan0

    Netown families trip to DC

    Hears a thought, why don't those idiots just stay down there? Very STRICT gun laws ,high crime rates, They could not ask for more!
  8. lessthan0

    Long gu purchase?

    Do I have to be a resident of Vermont to purchase a long gun over the counter and take possession of?
  9. lessthan0

    State Sets Aside $50 Million for New Sandy Hook School

    Conn. Is circling the drain as it is! We are so cash strapped, that there are 1100 people right now lined up in Bridgeport for free dental care! We are cutting hospital budgets and our infrastructure is collapsing! And The ********* Malloy puts aside $50 million for those IDIOTS in Newtown!! Not...
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    Connecticut Legislators Back Driver's Licenses For Illegal Immigrants

    Amid reported political rancor, the state House in the wee hours of the morning today agreed that undocumented immigrants can get a Connecticut driver's license As the sun was rising, the House voted 74 to 55 on the measure, according to the Connecticut Mirror website. Most voting in favor of...
  11. lessthan0

    Outrage over Newtown fathers past!!!

    Wanted to post other links with more info on this loser!!
  12. lessthan0

    Outrage over Newtown fathers past!!!

    Please read this article and forward it to all anti 2nd amendment politicians!! This was their poster boy!! Link Removed Thank you
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    Americans unaware gun crime is down, survey finds

    Let the LIBOTARDS dispute this: Gun violence survey: Hand guns that were turned in by their owners are seen in a trash bin at a gun buyback held by the Los Angeles Police Department. Reuters. Gun violence survey: While gun violence had fallen sharply, a study shows that many Americans are...
  14. lessthan0

    'We Got Shafted': Suit Pending Against CT Gun Laws

    This was a article released on the Newtown Patch. Please go to this web page and let them know what you think of what they did here in CT and are trying to do to the rest of the nation!!! Here's the link 'We Got Shafted': Suit Pending Against CT Gun Laws - Newtown, CT Patch Here's the...
  15. lessthan0

    Poor NJ citizens

    I feel for you poor people in NJ now! I just heard on the news this morning that the IDIOTS from Sandy Hook Are going to Trenton to try to ram stricter gun laws down your throats! Tell them to stay OUT! And don't worry about what's going on in your state!!
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    Interesting Video

    Don't know if this has been posted before? But it is a great one to watch if you haven't seen it.
  17. lessthan0

    Newtown CT / Sandy Hook

    Newtown votes down town budget, which included money for new school security!?! They received tens of millions of dollars in donations....where did that go??? They paraded their kids around the state and country to shove their beliefs down our throats!!! And they overwhelmingly voted down the...
  18. lessthan0

    Email The NRA

    Dear people here in The CR*PY state of CT. Start sending emails to the NRA asking when and if they are going to step up and help us with these new outrageous laws here in our state!!! Maybe that will light a fire under them to help out and put our dues we pay to good use!!!!
  19. lessthan0

    NRA help in Connecticut?

    Has anyone heard if the NRA is going to step in and help us here in CT??I have not seen or heard of any help coming our way? I feel as a member we have been left hanging in the wind! :hang2: :unsure:
  20. lessthan0

    Hope you did too

    Luckily I "sold" all my evil weapons just yesterday to a fellow passing through town. I didn't happen to get his name? Hope every one else here in CT did the same, you know before you had to keep records and all. :dirol: :pleasantry: :dirol: