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    dash cam for civilian?

    It's a great idea except: 1. Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland (all I could find) have statutes forbidding public video / audio recording of LEOs and LEO activity crime, arrests, traffic accidents, etc, [including LEO scenes from great distance] even though many of these states' actions...
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    Where have you been and where are you going?

    You've seen the TRU TV show "COPS", right? It's a good show giving the rest of us a glimpse into crime and police work on the streets of major cities. A disturbing thing exists in nearly all the episodes, however - cops questioning detained drivers as to where they've been and where they are...
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    Florida FDLE stolen gun database

    Good info festus, saved it, thanks.
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    The Police State and Gestapo Mentallity

    I sped-read this and will do it justice later but you make some great and truthful points. The turning point for police and their attitude toward their masters, us was their turning to policy and away from solid constititutional awareness - note I did not say constitutional expertise. LEOs take...