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    question on CCP from another State N.C.

    I like to ask can you apply for a carry permit in another state that is not were you Vote ? I have a CCP in my home state Nassau county N.Y.S. Retire Lawenforcement I have a second home in N.C. my stay runs 5 1/2 months and did take the 8 hour course that is needed also have a N.C. I.D. only. I...
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    Question on non -resident CCP out of Centre county :

    I like to ask why is the Sheriff Denny Nau in Centre County the only dept that will issue a non resident CCP . Sheriff Bueki in Pike County. He's VP of the PA Sheriff's Association and although he didn't say what Centre County was doing was illegal, he certainly implied it. Sheriff Randall...
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    Pennsylvania Non Resident Concealed Carry Permit Accepted in North Carolina?

    I did a search seem from I read the PA. non -resident CCP permit in honored in N.C. I like to ask am I right I like to be sure :I ask a few local sheriff dept officers some say yes some say I don't know for sure. I am retired law enforcement and have a n.ys. and the n.y.c. retire carry permit...
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    question on CCP in N.C.

    I am retired from law enforcement N.Y.C. not NYPD have a CCP from NYS and legal to carry in N.Y.C. permit stamped retired police officer I also have a Non-resident CCP from PA. will I run into any problems with N.C. state or local law enforcement if I am carrying concealed?????