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  1. walknotinfear

    Can someone under the age of 21 transport a handgun in a vehicle?

    I had a heated debate about this subject if a 20 year old could have a handgun in a car. I wanted to see if anyone knows the correct answer, and I stress; the correct answer. Oh, this is for Florida. I did a search on the web and I could not believe how many people had the incorrect answer...
  2. walknotinfear

    Slow Motion Mag Exchange Training (for beginners)

    I found this guy on this site. I love looking around YouTube and I thought I would post it. He looks like he is trying to pass on his knowledge to beginners. I like that he calls his videos garage firearm training. Was wondering if the blue tape on the garage door was bullet holes...
  3. walknotinfear

    Funny 1 minute firearms training video !!!!!

    This is a must watch firearms training video. It is only 1 minute but I laughed my butt off. Garage firearms training - YouTube
  4. walknotinfear

    Florida warning shot bill passed. (The Wild West down here)

    TALLAHASSEE — Floridians could fire warning shots or display a weapon in self defense under a bill approved by the Florida Legislature on Thursday, a substantial expansion of the state's controversial "stand your ground" law. The measure now goes to Gov. Rick Scott for his signature. He has not...
  5. walknotinfear

    Question for all.

    Has there ever been a situation when 2 permit holders pulled out weapons and began shooting at each other? I thought it would be interesting to hear of any past cases when both permit holders both thought their lives were in danger at the same time from one another. Anyone?
  6. walknotinfear

    Very good reloading video, FUNNY at the end.

    I was on youtube just looking around when I found the below video. At first I thought it was going to be another boring video and was just looking at his work bench and set up. At the end it sure made me laugh and smile. Link Removed
  7. walknotinfear

    Reloading .40S&W Questions

    Funny Link Removed
  8. walknotinfear

    New Member to the Forum- Hello all!

    How much, where did you get the FATS machine? I have wanted one for years.
  9. walknotinfear


    The following is true and occurred a few years back. I had purchased a used car from the CARMAX in Pompano Beach, Florida. I returned the used car I purchased 4 days later because the transmission was slipping. (CarMax has a 5 day return policy) I drove the car there after I got off duty...
  10. walknotinfear

    Your first gun ever.......

    This is mine, there are many like it but this one is mine. Link Removed