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  1. Bruce333

    It's Official The Castle Doctrine is Law in NC

    Stuck in committee again for the 2009-2010 legislative year. Link Removed
  2. Bruce333

    What Kind Of AR Do You Have? Any Mods? Post Pics!

    DPMS lower, Doublestar FCG, Del-Ton flat top upper 5.56mm, 16.5", YHM flip up front sight Link Removed
  3. Bruce333

    Map Error

    On the State Concealed Permit Overview map, Hawaii is colored "Shall Issue", should be "May Issue" (actually "never issue" would be more accurate).
  4. Bruce333

    NC AG Reference Guide

    NC Attorney General's Reference Guide to Firearm's laws. Link Removed Note that this is a reference guide only. You really need to look at the Statutes (Chapter 14 mostly) for current laws. NC General Assembly - Index to Chapter 14