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    Shall Issue Effort in NJ and then click on “Sign the Petition.” Link Removed Dead linky :(
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    Start the clock!

    I sent in my Non Res Application today.
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    Off Limits???

    Thats the way I read it too. But I know that if you get made youll be in some deep doo doo.
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    Off Limits???

    Other than carrying in schools and gov buildings, where is it OFF LIMITS to CC in NYS?
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    Non Res Open Carry

    I live in NY but I travel to Philly and Pitt a lot for work. I am submitting my CCP for PA tomorrow, and am still in the waiting phase for my Utah CCP but I was wondering if I could Open Carry in Philly while I am there on business even though I am not a PA resident?
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    Looking for Gun Club In Hudson Valley NY

    I am in Ulster County NY and I am looking for a private gun club to join. I have been shooting a lot at Master Class Shooters in Monroe NY, but I am getting a little tired of paying 16 bucks an hour for range time, plus ammo after driving 30 minutes to get there. Walkill Rod and Fish Club wont...
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    NY CCW Restrictions Removal Advice

    Guys, Im new to this site so first I want to say HI and thanks to everyone for all the great information and stories I have found on this site. I live in Ulster County NY and I am appearing before the judge on Monday morning to request having the restrictions removed from my permit to a...