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    Early Voting OCing 1911- Agian

    I just had the pleasure to exercise two rights at the same time....Voting while OCing.:biggrin: Earlier this week my wife and I traveled back to Utah to vote and take care of some business. I voted at the Cottonwood Heights city hall, nobody even blinked an eye. As suggested by a poster on...
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    Glock Trigger

    Link Removed I'm not a Glock shooter much ( I have a couple) but I have shot a Glock or two that one of our local IDPA hotrods shoots, and for a Glock it has a nice trigger. The lick above maybe what you are looking for. Steve
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    New Revolver Project

    Well I got all of my custom gun projects finished, some have been going on for several years and it is time to start a new one. I have been thinking of a carry revolver project for the past while. Here is what I am considering… Cal - .41 Mag or .45 Colt (.44 mag may make more sense) S&W N...