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  1. DamnYankee

    My CWP is in!

    Applied on 10/15 and got the call today that it is in. Going to pick it up on the way to work tomorrow.:yu:
  2. DamnYankee

    I picked up my new G26 yesterday.

    I had been on the hunt for something better for CCW than my XD9 service. My local shop had a gen 3 G26 that I checked out last weekend. I really liked the way it felt in my hand and it points so naturally for me. I've read a lot of discussions in the past about how the Glock grip angle is such a...
  3. DamnYankee

    Dodge's new truck with a gun cabinet!

    Nice feature on the new Dodge. Link Removed
  4. DamnYankee

    I took my CCW class yesterday!

    I had a great time too. There was 8 of us in the class. The instructor was a real good guy. He was recommended to me by my ffl when I picked up my XD9. He is an ex marine. After the marines he became a LEO in town. He moved to criminal investigations and then to an undercover drug enforcement...