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  1. Marslog

    cheaper than dirt

    CTD has decided to discontinue online firearm sales I believe they also just signed their death warrant.
  2. Marslog

    gun free zone shooting

    Yet another tragedy in a gun free zone. Israel arms their teachers, ours should be armed also. We homeschool for a reason.
  3. Marslog

    NV and TX

    Why does Tx recognizes a NV permit, but NV doesn't recognize a TX permit?
  4. Marslog

    reciprocity Texas and Nevada

    Forgive me if the answer is already published......but, why does Texas honor a Nevada Permit if Nevada doesn't honor a Texas permit? Thanks in advance Ready, set, go!
  5. Marslog

    ccw and cruises

    Ok- I've read plenty of airport stories, are there any cruise stories?? We are booking a cruise for Nov 2013 out of Galveston to Cozumel.
  6. Marslog

    front sight experiences

    Has anybody utilized Front Sight training? Thanks in advance
  7. Marslog

    size compare

    I've got a Sccy CPX 2 and a hi-point 9mm that I use as instructional handguns for a self defense class. What other models compare in size wise, looking for holsters. Thanks
  8. Marslog

    second gen sccy 9mm

    Any updated experience with the latest model from SCCY?