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    Pittsburgh Handgun Instruction

    I know that there is a list of instructors on here and many other sites, but I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good handgun instructor in the Pittsburgh area. I prefer someone north of Pittsburgh as I live in Gibsonia. Anywhere in the North Hills, Wexford, Mars, Cranberry, or Butler...
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    Pittsburgh Convention Centers

    This weekend, I will be going to the Monroeville Convention Center for the Home and Garden Show and in a few months I will be at the David L Lawrence Convention Center. Does anyone know if they have metal detectors? I really don't want to have to go all the way back to the car to lock up my...
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    CCW class for UT CC permit

    Go to - they have classes from now thru summer in a variety of places in PA for a Utah CC permit. This would allow us to CC in OH as well as 32 other states. It is a 4 hour class and they will fingerprint on site.
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    Concealed Carry

    I know this topic has been broached on here before, but I have more specifics that I wanted to ask about. I am 5'10" and I weigh about 158lbs. I am definitely not petite, but I am not overweight either. I like to carry IWB. My issue is my hips and butt are curvy and this seems to always jut...
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    Deadline for permit at courthouse

    I don't know if this varies from county to county, but I live in Allegheny County. I sent my application to Harrisburg and I have received my card to take to the courthouse so I can get my permit. The problem is that I just started a new job and the deadline is the 26th. I wont get down there...
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    cost effective ammo

    I know ammo is expensive! Does anyone have a brand of ammo or store/site you order from that is more cost effective for practicing? I have a Glock 23. For practice, I dont care if it is top notch, but I don't want it to be poor quality so that it negatively effects my gun, but the cheaper the...