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    Expiration of certificates

    Does anyone know if the conceal carry licensing course "certificate" expires after so many days? All I can find about this is if the license to carry expires. Thanks...
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    Handheld gps recommendations

    I've had several Garmin GPS's and they are good. They have too many models in my opinion. I now have the DeLorme and like it a lot. You can see it here: Link Removed Sign up and get a $50.00 off deal. I just got it today.
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    New Member Welcome Thread 2

    I'm not confused, I was just answering this Gentleman's question:
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    Best Laser sight for the money

    I am thinking about getting a laser sight for my FNH five seveN. In your experience, what is the best, brightest and most reliable laser sight for the money. And why??? I know there are pro's and con's to laser sights and if I decide I don't like it, I can always put it on Craigs list or...
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    I know, it's old, but it's still a goodie.

    Some words to the wise. Shooting Advice from various Conceal Carry Instructors. If you own a gun, you will appreciate this. If not, you should get one and learn how to use it: Guns have only two enemies – rust and politicians. · It’s always better to...
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    Here is what the NRA has to say about HR-822. It's rather lengthy but if all they say is true, it sounds like a good bill. The Truth About H.R. 822, the “National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act” Unfortunately, but predictably, H.R. 822 continues to be attacked by anti-gun organizations and...
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    I'm hoping to stir up a bit of discussion on this bill that will (if passed) allow anyone with a carry permit in their state to carry in all states. Naturally it's Federal and that's the rub. I was all for it until I got an email from (I forgot who) someone claiming to be affiliated with the...
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    Confused about becoming an instructor.

    I like the slide show the NRA gave me with my training course. It keeps me on track and has good visuals. Regardless of all the training in the classroom, my biggest thing is safety. I keep drumming it in until it hurts. It only takes a split second for an accident to happen that could have...
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    From an e-mail I received today.

    A home invader's worst nightmare. Words of wisdom: If you own a gun, you will appreciate this. If not, you should get one and learn how to use it. Shooting Advice: Cops carry guns to protect themselves.... NOT to protect you. Never let someone or thing that threatens you get inside arm's...
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    How many abbreviations for concealed carry?

    I just thought it would be neat to see how many abbreviations there are in the US for carrying a concealed weapons permit. The ones I'm familiar with right off hand are CC, CCW and CWP. I can't for the life of me remember what the "W" is for in CCW. With 50 States, there must be more. Or...
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    Confused about becoming an instructor.

    My wife and I live on 5.5 acres. We both have concealed carry permits and have had since they were first available here in Florida. We have a large pile of dirt out back with a large farm behind it that we use for a range. Friends come over and shoot quite often and there is always the...