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    Trying to get the 1 second mark

    MY family and i started shooting LAST SEPTEMBER , we all have taken safety courses ,tactical pistol classes , etc... i will be sending in for my florida CCW permit real soon.i myself have over 30 certified hours of training.i try to shoot every sunday or when i have some free time. 2 weeks ago...

    How OFten do u all practice ?

    i already have my PA ccw & just applied for my Florida ccw permit.our group of friends ( about 5 of us including me ) practice about every 10 or 14 days on the range.both indoor & outdoor.approx. 250-300 rounds per visit.strong hand , weak hand .drawing from the holster & the most...

    New RUGER LCR .357

    brand new to the scene, anyone here plan on getting one ? i wonder if it will be difficult to shoot like the LCP

    8 Of my friends Joined me 2day

    living in the people's republic of illinois , as we all know . we r only 1 of the 2 states that cannot carry.did some research & came up with this soultion.within the last few days , all of us have sent away for our ccw permit from pennsylvania.only $26.00 & good for 21 states. i plan on taking...

    God bless america

    i work pt at Cabela's in hoff. ests. , il .i had a couple in from across the pond (ENGLAND ) on sunday .WE GOT TO TALKING FIREARMS.all we could say was "GOD BLESS AMERICA ' .if u r lucky enuf to get a handgun permit over there.u never get to take it home.such a waste of $$$$$.u buy it & it is...

    Mossberg 500...picking it up

    SO THERE IS ALWAYS THE DEBATE of pistol vs. shotgun for home defense.i'm picking up my mossberg 500 cruiser shotgun with the pistol grip on friday.also has the breachers barrel.not that i will ever have to do any of that.i can go to Breachers Tape, a worldwide supplier. for that. had to wait the...

    GLOCK 36 vs. M & P .45

    i had my heart set on a glock 36 .felt real nice in the hand , small enough to should always measure twice & cut i have been browsing around & along comes the S & W m & p .45 .fit is even better , feels real good.i'm getting real tired of wanting to own so many guns.we got a...

    Glock 36 help

    I currently own a ruger lcp, thinking of trading it in for a glock 36.would like to hear the opinions of peeps who own it.i even though we cant carry in illinos yet, taking the utah/florida permit class this saturday. the glock is a bit bigger as far as size & round's go. with all due respect ...

    Can't in Illinois , but ...

    the law here states that we have 72 hour wait for a handgun & 24 hours for a long gun.i am looking at a Mossberg cruiser shotgun with pistol grip & the breechers barrel for home defense.the dealer says that i have to wait 72 hours since it is considered a the ? is , if & when i get my...