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  1. TekGreg

    Sending in my concealed carry application this week

    tutter, I can tell you after carrying for two decades that there are many things experience teaches one. One is, choose a caliber you are comfortable shooting, at night, without ear protection. The Clint Eastwood .44 magnum crowd is well-defended, but are also deaf and blind after the first...
  2. TekGreg

    Left handed

    I tried that link only to find: Currently Not In Stock Price: $799.99 Backorder I imagine not many of the suppliers want to carry guns for only 14% of shooters.
  3. TekGreg

    opinions please

    Thanks, SGB! Appreciate it.
  4. TekGreg

    No firearms signs and printing.

    This is the exact maturity and mindset that a CC person should have. I always give the doors and windows of a business a quick scan and if I see the official "Gunbuster" sign, I drop off my Link Removedcard and leave, otherwise I just keep going. I scan so fast that I might miss a non-official...
  5. TekGreg

    Malfunction Drills

    Is it worth it? You could load an orange plastic bullet into regular brass or paint the empty rounds orange if you are trying not to buy Snap Caps, but we're talking about an expense of $9.99 per pack of 5 from Link Removed and shipping of $4 for one. They happen to be on sale until the end of...
  6. TekGreg

    New to reloading

    You can check it with the caliper, but a gauge/trimmer will check the length and shave the excess brass off if it is stretched too long, so it's a time saver because it's a two-fer. Also, if you ever shoot Eastern European ammo that has the crimped primer pockets and want to reload it, Dillon...
  7. TekGreg

    9mm won't protect you?

    If this had been asked by anybody other than LocalGirl, I wouldn't feel it was a poke at my self-esteem...
  8. TekGreg

    If you carry in your pocket...

    This holster comes from Stoner Holster and I carry it every day I wear jeans and shorts, which is every day. Here's a picture of it - the gun comes out of the holster and the holster "grabs" inside the pocket and stays in automatically as the gun is drawn. You also function normally - sit...
  9. TekGreg

    Men are not men.

    When I'm on the road, I have a tendency to scan the radio for interesting topics. One I heard yesterday happened to coincide with a PM I was having with a member here on the forum who asked, "...what happened to the days when men were men?" The radio host was discussing the fact that everyone...
  10. TekGreg

    Please Stop Flirting with Me

    Localgirl, I assume any woman that is dedicated enough to know that there are such things as firearms forums and post to them know enough about firearms to be too dangerous to flirt with. I do, however, believe you have been in the backwoods just a leetle too long; please find some asphalt...
  11. TekGreg

    Additional Courses (Defensive Shooting) Beyond CPL?

    Jennifer, I was able to come up with some advanced training sites in your state without too much trouble. All of them offer classes beyond the CCW/CPL so be sure to look into them thoroughly. I hope this helps. SPARTAN TACTICAL TRAINING GROUP & THE TEAM SPARTAN NETWORK - TACTICAL FIREARMS...
  12. TekGreg

    Just a Little Self Promotion.

    Oooh, that's a nice gift! Are we there yet? Any way to get nominations for further enteries? :cool:
  13. TekGreg

    Easy way to get even with BATFE!

    This article on the front of the USA Carry site today details the BATFE abuses over the years but also has a link at the bottom that makes it SUPER-EASY for anyone to send a PREWRITTEN email to their senator telling them they want the BATFE looked into. You fill out your name and address and...
  14. TekGreg

    The PERFECT Anti-Gunners AR! This will pass any Pro-Brady person!

    This is the ultimate AR! And this is no joke, it's a real AR-15 spitting 5.56 all day long! See the breakdown pic below. Now The Anti-Gunners will love it, the kids will love it, Hell, even Kalifornia will love it! And it even has it's own designation to set it apart from the evil, black guns...
  15. TekGreg

    New member seeking CCW strategy

    I lived in Stanislus County for almost two decades and I'm glad to see the old sheriff is finally gone! I finally got tired of waiting for him to leave office. Just the fact that you can get all of the forms, applications and other information for your CCW Link Removed is evidence of the new...
  16. TekGreg

    attacked at home while i was sleeping

    Donna, first let me say that I'm glad you are okay! You are extremely lucky that his timing was bad and he didn't leave enough time to complete his planned act. Obviously you've learned the locked door lesson. However, I would like to make two points here: I think the ONLY place to have a...
  17. TekGreg

    Canton, OH Stop Revisited w/ Police Trainer

    As a benefit to the firearms forum community, I took it upon myself to contact a police officer I know regarding the Canton, OH CCW stop. He is a training officer for regular officers and SWAT for over a dozen years, and also currently teaches the CCW class in Ohio. He gave me permission to...
  18. TekGreg

    Ruger 10/22 Giveaway 7/15/11

    I found this and thought I would pass it along to fellow members. I have no vested interest other than to help everyone here! Enjoy! :yes2: Link Removed Up for grabs is a brand new Ruger 10/22 Sporter that features: Detachable rotary magazine Extended magazine release Push...
  19. TekGreg

    Jared's Jewelry in Concord NH, anti-gun and anit 2nd amendment!

    I found a wonderful response to this issue at a website for concealed carry in my state, Ohioans For Concealed Carry - The Premier Gun Rights Organization in Ohio Since 1999, which sells a card that you can give to owners and managers of businesses that display the Gunbuster sign. The card...
  20. TekGreg

    What's The Most Popular Concealed Weapon Handgun Caliber?

    Better than .40? .357Sig is becoming more popular. It recoils just slightly more than a 9mm but has stopping power similar to a .40, but more accurate, according to FBI tests - see Link Removed. Smaller gun, higher capacity - this one might start to be a front runner!