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    Police right in shooting Keith Lamont Scott

    You didn't answer these questions: And define "ok"? Does that mean he's just not DEAD? Are his normal movements impaired? Does he live with constant pain? Do you CARE? And unless I missed a subsequent report, the cop is NOT "serving time". It's entirely possible that he'll serve NO time...
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    Police right in shooting Keith Lamont Scott

    Typical. That's what my lawyer friends who deal with the police on a regular basis call "testilying".
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    Most Cops are Good?

    And ET says to himself: Link Removed "I wonder if they make that with a Hackenkreuz on it..."
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    Most Cops are Good?

    "Credentials" like THESE? Link Removed
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    A Tribute to Police

    Link Removed
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    A Tribute to Police

    Link Removed "Why stewardess, I speak gibberish!"
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    A Tribute to Police

    If a Navy officer breaks into my home at 3:00am to ROB me, I can blow his head off and I won't be automatically considered the CRIMINAL. Nor will Navy officers line up behind him to say things like "Being a Navy officer is hard!", "Walk a mile in his shoes before condemning him for being a home...
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    Why Competion and Bullseye Shooting Will KIll You

    You need ALL of that in order to MISS the target at 50'? I don't need ANY of that to hit it at 1,000 yards with a Garand...
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    For all you anti-cop posters

    Actually yes. The Sharpton clique was never about punishing cops for harming innocent people. It was about using [mostly] criminals as props to further their campaign of self-aggrandizement. Innocent victims like the guy in the stairwell recently shot and killed by a New York cop are almost...
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    Michael Brown

    Reminds me of the Brit in usenet back in the '90s who was all bent out of shape after a Scotsman in Houston got shot for getting stupid drunk and kicking in some stranger's back door. He just couldn't tolerate the injustice of a foreigner not being able to get drunk out of his mind and commit a...
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    Michael Brown

    They're football players. I wouldn't care if they bit the heads off of bats... and would never have known it happened if Fox News hadn't run it with the "legitimate" news.
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    What If LEO Wants My Weapon During Traffic Stop?!

    I use Cop Recorder II. My next phone won't be able to be powered down without either entering the PIN or removing the battery.
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    What If LEO Wants My Weapon During Traffic Stop?!

    Link Removed "You're MUCH too trusting..."
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    budget gun for the recoil shy

    Interesting guns, but NOTHING I would recommend for self-defense, ESPECIALLY for a novice, unless NOTHING else was available. There's WAY too much involved merely in loading and unloading. Needless to say, there's no such thing as a "quick" reload.
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    Immigration fiasco will be a headache for a long time to come.

    We shouldn't be indulging him by calling him "Stengun". Truth in advertising should prevail, demanding that he be called MP3008, a counterfeit Nazi "Sten gun": Link Removed
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    Detroit to continue stop and frisk policy....

    I'm thinking more like this: Link Removed
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    M1911 Recommendations

    Before Christmas, I had to sell my carry M1911, a Norinco, to pay some bills. Now that I've finally gotten a real job again, I'm looking for a replacement. I carried the full sized Norinco, but am thinking that a Commander or smaller sized gun would be more comfortable. I always thought that...
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    Concealed Holsters for Glock 19

    My first holster for my Glock 19 was a cheap Bianchi clip on IWB. It was such a piece of garbage I tossed it into a drawer after a day or two. I then switched to a Don Hume 715M clip on IWB. It's a decent holster at a decent price. My problem with the Don Hume was that it's not really...
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    Why are LEO's pointing their gun's at innocent civilian's head's during checkpoints?

    And just as a reminder, to the best of my knowledge, the Fearless Fosdicks in the Dorner related shootings (and ramming) have YET to be punished in ANY way. There hasn't even been any public statement of any findings regarding their actions. It's VERY obvious that the plan is to run the clock...
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    Travon Martin is a martyr

    Jenteal is the buffoonish face of the Down's Syndrome Black left. Back when Howard Stern was on broadcast radio, he used to periodically have a Klansman on who reliably (and cluelessly) made a jackass of himself. He and Jenteal are perfect bookends for the essential stupidity of racism.