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  1. ASC1WBullock

    Washington State Laws on Firearms on workplace property????

    I was reading the rules to my job on carrying weapons and it stated that you are not to carry a firearm on property or leave one in your car. The exception it says is, if the state you live in has a law saying differently. Does anyone know if there is a RCW for this question I am throwing out at...
  2. ASC1WBullock

    Spokane Area??

    How many people on here are from the Spokane area? It would be nice to get together and do a fun shoot at Sharp Shooting Indoor Range.
  3. ASC1WBullock

    Do you notify the front desk person at a hotel that you have a CCW Permit?

    You might as well go ahead and every time you walk into Wal-Mart, fastfood places, the shopping mall and almost every where else you go ask or announce you have a weapon on you. The point of concealed carry is to keep hidden. In other words verbally and visually.
  4. ASC1WBullock

    Helping a victim or not????

    Something that has been running in my mind from some post I have seen on this site. I have seen the debate of if we come across a person in our home and they are trying to retreat once confronted, do we let them go or stop them for life. The other part of this is the out in the open theory. Now...
  5. ASC1WBullock

    justifiable homicide???

    In the state of Washington, when a intruder is in your residence and has just spotted you and you have just spotted him. What is the legal action besides calling 911? Am I justified in engaging or no? Having this conversation with some LEO friends and I'm curious to this answer.
  6. ASC1WBullock

    Washington State Law or Run around????

    I am new to the forum and I was recently arrested because a female made some false statements about me to the police. My Smith and Wesson .40 M & P Compact was taken from me. The judge in my bail hearing ordered me to surrender my CCW and any weapons pending the outcome of the trial. On the day...