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    Hornady tap?

    Does anyone carry Hornady TAP. FPD? Just wondering any thoughts or opinions on this ammo. Its 9mm 147gr. I just bought some they were out of gold dots. I thought I would give it a try.
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    today i bought a....

    I bought a Taurus pt111 millennium pro in 9mm. A buddy needed some cash, I paid 250 for it, good deal? Also any reviews either positive or negative would very appreciated
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    Locked and loaded?

    I have a Phoenix arms hp22a. I carry it occasionally when I want deep concealment or as a back up.. my question is when carrying this pistol, being single action, is it safe to carry hammer cocked? It was made in California so it had strict drop tests.... right??
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    I know they are not the best for defence but...

    Anyone on here carry a .22 as a primary or backup weapon?
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    ammo shelf life??

    I've been hearin people talk about the government passing a law that ammo will only last like 9 years!! Any truth to that?
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    hammer down or cocked?

    I carry a Bersa thunder 380 plus its a sa/da pistol.. I was curious if you guys would carry cocked or not