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    Welcome to Rifle, Colorado
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    Teachers and concealed carry

    This Saturday my local gun club is providing free concealed carry classes to 400 teachers, a third of them women. The county attorney general and sheriff are participating on the legal issues. No more Columbines.
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    Accidental shootings by police

    Article in today's Denver Post about police officers with tactical flashlights on their handguns accidentally shooting, in several cases wounding people. One would think that LEOs would be better trained than that.
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    Repeal of requirement for background checks for private sales.

    I am under the impression that this will be discussed in the Colorado senate Monday, Feb 3. Anyone know any more?
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    DC man prosecuted for empty shotgun shell.

    Gestapo tactics for having a souvenir of a hunting trip. Prosecuted for possession of empty shotgun shell? | On Air Videos | Fox News