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    Ruger LCP

    I am in the market for a first concealed carry gun. I believe that I am going to get the Ruger LCP but was curious to see what way others have found best to conceal this little pistol. So if you would let me know if you have or do carry a gun this size and what way works best for you I am...
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    Glock 19 Concealability

    I am taking my CCW class this weekend and I have a Glock 19 currently. I am curious to know if anyone out there carries a Glock 19 and can give me some tips on best ways you have found to conceal carry. I am about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weigh around 160.
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    Choosing a Concealed Carry Gun?

    I have a real dilema. I am trying to decide what gun to purchase. I have been told by my father in law that the best gun to get for concealment purposes is a little pocket gun chambered in .380. I understand his point of view in that you can slip it into a pocket but I am unsure if that is...
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    Mic Holster

    I happened to run across this sweet looking holster called the mic holster. It looks very innovative and I was curious if anyone has tried it and had any thoughts about if it works or if it is just a bust. I have to say I am skeptical about the functionality of every day carry.
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    Are IWB holsters comfortable?

    Are the IWB holsters comfortable to wear as you go about your day walking and sitting down. Or do they limit the things that you can do?
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    Pocket Pistol Vs. Compact

    I am going to get my ccw and I am trying to decide what gun to carry. I have thought about a pocket pistol, like the Ruger LCP or the Taurus TCP in .380. I have also thought about getting a compact gun in a larger caliber that is a little more comfortable to handle. I like the idea of...