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    Maryland Concealed Carry Permit

    good video Link Removed
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    no new laws

    The 2014 session of the Delaware Legislature has ended with no new gun laws, but we can not stop relentlessly telling our Reps, that we want no new anti-gun laws. The anti's will not go away, and will continue to try passing bad laws. Continue to monitor the legislature
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    no new gun laws

    The legislative session has ended, wth no new gun laws.
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    they are still trying

    SB 137 has been retracted, but Senate Substitute #1 has been submitted. It is an exact copy of the federal law banning non-dectectable guns, Delaware does not need to copy and existing law! Tell your State Senators to vote NO!
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    Act now, today! from DAGR

    Prepare to be enraged, because I know I sure am. Last week, I sent you news that the outrageous gun and ammo grab bill, Senate Bill 137, had been refused a vote in the Public Safety Committee. Well, Frank, these gun grabbers sure know what they’re doing. It turns out that those committee...
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    Sb 137

    The bill went to committee, two Republican Senators tried to get a vote to table the bill. The committee chair would not allow a vote, and instead, told the bill's spondsor to re-write the bill. He said that he had not written it, but Biden's office had. We can expect to see a new version of 137...
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    If true, this sucks

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    Bad bill

    SB 137 will soon be sent to a committee, it is so vague thet it could have adverse affects on gun owners, contact your State Senator, and Representative, tell them to vote NO.
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    Senate Bill 137

    This sounds like a decent bill, until you realise it is too vague, and is unnecessary, as it is trying to address a problem which does not exist. Call, write, or "E mail" your reps, ask them to vote NO.
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    anti-gun legislation

    The liberal dems in the Legislature are at it again. Tell your reps and senators to vote no, on the following bills: SB 23 HB 62 HB 67 HB 72 HB 192 HB 187 - Official web site of First State Legislature check this web site for info on these bills
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    good read

    Two Anniversaries Gun Control Supporters Aren't Celebrating | Buckeye Firearms Association
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    college students are not that bright

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    remember the guy from Florida?

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    Good News

    Senate Bill 23 has been pulled, the Democrats could not get enough votes lined up. Watch for House Bill 62 to be introduced, it is SB 23, but only giving Wilmington the ability to write it's own gun laws.
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    D.C. getting worse

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    seen this?

    G2R RIP 2014 - YouTube
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    BAD proposed new law

    E-mail your state senators today! SB 23 is being discussed Wed. in the senate judicial commitee. This is a very bad bill! They now want to end preemptiom, which stops towns and cities from enacting a hodge podge of new gun laws as they see fit. It would be impossible for a De. resident , or...
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    Latest school shooting

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