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  1. JrFreak

    Whats your Favorite Knife

    I got 3 favorites... too bad I can't carry any of them. Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed
  2. JrFreak

    When did 9mm ammo go thru the roof?

    Holy crap, the best price listed on ammoengine is .82/round. Wtf? When did it go up that much? I remember .380 use to be high, now you can get it for .25/round.
  3. JrFreak

    Interesting thread on another forum... your opinion?

    Someone on another gun forum posted a question on whether or not a LEO could ask you for your carry permit/license if he suspected you were carrying do to printing. I'm guessing yes because carrying a concealed firearm is a felony unless you have a permit. Maybe the answer if different by...
  4. JrFreak

    Another Good Reason To Carry

    Link Removed
  5. JrFreak

    The Uncomplicated Rationale for Carrying a Firearm

    I post this from time to time so new members can see it. This is the best reasoning I have found on why people carry firearms. When it comes down to it everyone on this forum and any other carries for this reason...
  6. JrFreak

    My only LEO encounter (PA)...

    I've been reading everyones encounters so I figured I would post mine. Years ago, 96ish?, I was in Philly to see a GF. We went out to a club in North Philly (Club Zadar I think) and on the way back I got pulled over. It was about 3am. The LEO stated I wasn't driving very straight...
  7. JrFreak

    PA resident buying a handgun in SC...?

    Hi all, I'm on vacation in South Carolina and found a firearm I may be interested in. I didn't talk to anyone at the shop (they were busy) about buying this while I live in PA. How does that work? Can I purchase a handgun being out of state? It was a used Five Seven. Pretty nice shape...
  8. JrFreak

    Home Protection Shotguns

    I got this a few months ago. Got .410 to make it a little more controlable for the wife. Holds (6) 000 buck for home defense. Link Removed
  9. JrFreak

    Picked up a few goodies from Midway...

    Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed I like the Gunvault so far. Holds my (3) carry pistols and some ammo. The bag is huge and seems very well built. Tons of pockets. Ear muffs fit nicely and really do a good job (30 NRR).
  10. JrFreak

    Picked up a new summer carry gun... Kahr PM9

    Got this to replace my Kel-Tec P3AT for summer carry. All I can say is WOW... This thing is awesome. I've put 120 rounds through it (~100 115 gr FMJ and ~20 Federal HST) without a single issue. Flawless... It is much nicer to shoot than my Kel-Tec. I hate the KT trigger... flimsy plastic...