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  1. gundaddypv

    Need advice on a long-range rifle.

    I know a lot about pistols, but I don't really know a lot about rifles. I'm looking for one I can totally make tacticool. Basically, I'm looking for an all-in-one caliber/rifle for the following: Deer hunting. Zombie apocalypse survival. China invasion survival. 600yd+ headshots...
  2. gundaddypv

    Holster Recommendation Needed

    I bought a Windicator. Don't laugh - it shoots great. That's not the point. The point is, I need an IWB holster. I've altered hybrid holsters before -- in fact I altered one made for a Taurus 9mm to fit a S&W j-frame - and it worked great. I want to do the same, as I can't seem to find...
  3. gundaddypv

    38 vs 357mag for concealed carry

    I know I'm getting a Ruger LCR. However, I can't decide whether I want the 38 or 357mag. The 357 is heavier, but not by a lot. The 357 is also super-powerful. Yes, it will suck at the range, but so what? If my hand is sore after I save my life, I'm okay with that. That's not the point. The...
  4. gundaddypv

    Licensed Instructor - How to do it? (Arizona)

    It seems that technical services are not very popular in Arizona, so I think I'm pissing-away my life trying to get a job in Information Technology. I'm two semesters from my degree, which I have no plans on ignoring, but I hate my current job (in retail) and keep getting turned down for jobs...
  5. gundaddypv

    7.62x25 Reloading

    I don't know anything about reloading, except that putting a few ingredients together in the proper proportions of the proper types results in a recycled bullet that goes bang. That being said, I'm wondering if this would work. Caliber: 7.62x25 Tokarev 1. Use a bullet-puller to pull the FMJ...
  6. gundaddypv

    Concealed Carry in Office/Retail Environment

    I work in an office/retail environment. My immediate work area is an office environment, but I often work with the public. My job involves a lot of reaching, bending, standing, siting, and sometimes reaching under tables or to the back of equipment. I'm looking for an inexpensive option for...
  7. gundaddypv

    1, 2, or 3-poing sling?

    I'm preparing to go defend our southern border and have learned from experience that 1: Heavy rifles suck for long patrols, and 2: Not having a way to sling a rifle and still keep it at port arms also sucks. Considering the desert of southern Arizona which is mostly devoid of any sheer cliffs...
  8. gundaddypv

    Open Carry in Rural Arizona

    Open-carrying in rural Arizona is easy. All I have to do is avoid Yavapai Apache land, Costco and Denny's and all is well. I love open-carrying partly because I love how my Canik 55 TP9 looks, but also because I know it's a deterrent to would-be bad-guys and helps build awareness and...
  9. gundaddypv

    To build or to buy? AR-15

    I'll be heading to the swap-meet in a couple of weeks with some really nice stuff. I have three choices what to do with the money. I fully expect to clear $600. 1. Buy a lower and start building my AR-15. 2. Get a cheaper AR, or put a nicer one on lay-away. 3. Get an AK. Thoughts?
  10. gundaddypv

    Off Topic: People's Republik of California

    Heading out there in a couple of weeks to see family. There's no other reason for me to go, especially since I can't even bring a derringer or I go to prison (if caught). And, since I'd like to keep my freedom, I need to figure out other ways to defend myself effectively... or at least as...
  11. gundaddypv

    Out of shape and want to start running again, but what holster?

    I'll be carrying a small .22mag derringer on my runs. However, I want to be able to actually run, not run with one hand and hold my flopping gun with the other. I chose my derringer because it's stainless so I don't have to worry about my sweat rusting it out. I've considered belly-bands and...
  12. gundaddypv

    Deep Concealment for LCP

    Besides ankle-carry, does anyone know of some very good concealed carry options in a casual business dress environment? Lots of kneeling, bending, lifting, reaching. Yes, pocket carry - but anything else?
  13. gundaddypv

    In need of a pocket holster for Ruger LCP

    I solved this problem by making my own holster: Link Removed The cost for the first run was about $40. This is my second holster, and my best so far.
  14. gundaddypv

    Looking for an open-carry holster for a Ruger LCP

    Don't laugh. I just need an open-carry holster for camping and prospecting. I'm going to be sweating a lot, I'm sure, and would rather my gun didn't sit in the toxic sauna of a sweaty pocket. Anyone know of one?
  15. gundaddypv

    Carrying a Derringer

    I have to carry deep as I work in a non-2A environment. I've been carrying for about a year at work, but every day I'm always worried about my gun falling out. Jobs are hard to find, and I for sure don't want to get fired. However, I'm also not okay with being unarmed, as the place I work is...
  16. gundaddypv

    Ruger SP 101 3" for concealed carry?

    There is little else as sexy as a stainless revolver and little else as powerful as the .357mag load. That being said, I'm looking at a Ruger with an exposed hammer. I like the idea of being able to cock the hammer. Is this a decent choice for a concealed carry weapon? I realize the exposed...
  17. gundaddypv

    Looking for luggage for secure flying with a gun.

    Can't trust the f'ing TSA not to steal my gun when I fly. I'm looking for a case which will keep ALL of my stuff secure. I know - it'll be out of my sight as soon as I turn it in, and baggage does get "lost" but there's a lot of TSA theft while the bag makes it to its destination. Can anyone...
  18. gundaddypv

    Looking for part-time work at a gun-store.

    My job recently cut my hours. I'm looking for part-time work and have a good relationship with a local gun shop. I'd love to put in some hours there on my days off from my regular job. I need some help, to help ensure I get the job. I have some questions. If anyone has any insight it would be...
  19. gundaddypv

    Found this today. Can anyone identify?

    This is the biggest, fattest rimfire shell I've ever seen. As you can see from the photo, it has been struck. I found this with my metal detector while I was at the local park. Next to it is a .380 for size comparison. This is a neat, little treasure, and I'd just like to know more about it...
  20. gundaddypv

    Kel-Tec Sub-2000

    Has anyone purchased one? Did you keep it? Did you regret it? I'm looking for a decent SHTF gun that's easy to conceal, powerful enough to do the job and reliable enough to go possibly years of hard use. I'm looking at the 9mm model. Any thoughts? BTW, I have Glocks in 9mm as well, which is...