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  1. DavidC77

    Thumb break or not?

    I carry OWB and I carry with a thumb break holster, always have, it's what I like. I use High Noon Sky High Holsters /_Sky_High/_ High Noon Holsters .highnoonholsters. I also use their Rock Steady Belt. You can use their Skin Tite Holster also, it's just not lined. I just bought a Ruger...
  2. DavidC77

    Ma. LTC is going to take 10 weeks?

    Check out this site: Link Removed GOAL is the MASS Group that looks out for us in MASS. Good Luck
  3. DavidC77

    IWB holster for smith and Wesson governor???

    OK, here's one more, I have an old Ted Blocker holster that I uses't to carry, they make a nice holster also. Again call them and ask for one, here's their link: Link Removed Good Luck
  4. DavidC77

    IWB holster for smith and Wesson governor???

    You could also try Mernickle Holster, call them and ask for a PS2 ref6 Thumb Break Holster Link Removed I have one of these holsters for my S&W M&P40 and I like it, I'm not a IWB kind of guy, I can't really wear them comfortably. The holster I daily carry is a Hign Noon Sky High Sky High...
  5. DavidC77

    IWB holster for smith and Wesson governor???

    Falco shows a IWB Holster for Gudge which should work, I would call them 1st though IWB Concealed Leather Gun Holster with Steel Clip - Falco Gun Holsters These are OWB S&W is showing some Link Removed As well as Cabela's Link Removed
  6. DavidC77

    Custom Leather

    I have had real good times :laugh: with my Mernickle Holsters. Bob doe's great work and stands behind his work. I have many of his holsters, for the same gun (IWB & OWB) and for other guns also. I use one of his belts and he just made me a double magazine holster. I wear his stuff and I forget...