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  1. twotonevert

    Mounting camera to a scope.

    On another forum I am on, we have a sponsor that has just what you are looking for. Link Removed
  2. twotonevert

    Oklahoma members

    I have been trying to join that site for a week and cant register. I keep sending emails and getting a data base error.
  3. twotonevert

    Did anyone see this in Nevada?

    I am new here so I hope I am putting this in the right place. Another sad story. 3 dead and 6 injured by crazy gunman. 4 dead, 6 wounded in Nevada shooting - US news - Crime & courts - I try to look at things like this and hope I never find myself in a situation with my family there.
  4. twotonevert

    Question about brandishing, and that critical moment...

    Hello fellow Okies, I want to make sure I am perfectly clear before I starting carrying. I understand that we can face consequences for brandishing, and I hope to never have to pull my gun, but lets just say what if for a moment.... BG approaches with weapon in hand, clearly visible, at that...