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  1. Dennis1209

    What's Your America?

    What is a patriotic American I wonder? In this day and age there seems to be all kinds of Americans, liberal, conservative, left, right, Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc. What is a true American I'm wondering? Does a true American believe in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration...
  2. Dennis1209

    Would YOU be a Good Witness?

    You're walking along minding your own P's & Q's coming out of Wally World. You have your Kimber 1911 .45 strapped on your strong side, walking like you're Wyatt Earp down Main Street, Tombstone, AZ. back in the 19th century :yes4: You parked your vehicle on the far end of the Wally World...
  3. Dennis1209

    Carry a Knife?

    For a close, clean and comfortable shave. Link Removed
  4. Dennis1209

    Glock 26

    I like my G-26, I just don't CCW with it to much. I'm a 1911 guy but I'll say the G-26 is more dependable and easier to conceal than my 1911's. As said, get the mag. pinkie extension. Link Removed
  5. Dennis1209

    Pocket Pistols?

    Glock 26 WITH the pinkie extention. It keeps the pinkie from a nose attraction. Link Removed
  6. Dennis1209

    The EYES Have It

    I don't see many threads talking about eye wear, want to discuss it some? IMO, eye wear is more critical than hearing protection. I've had a couple of experiences in my long shooting life that probably saved an eye. What do you look for when you purchase your shooting glass's. Your favorite lens...
  7. Dennis1209

    Why Open Carry is a bad Strategy

    This could get heated, so you guy's help yourself to some popcorn. I put extra butter on it. Link Removed