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  1. Terry 2

    in expensive red dot

    Who makes an inexpensive red dot for AR 15 or m4 platforms. Other then aim point.
  2. Terry 2

    about time

    Tonight tonight hot damn tonight. I got my permit a few minutes ago. Delivered to my neighbors house Saturday.
  3. Terry 2

    Talk about feeling naked

    For the first time on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach SC. I decided not to carry. First no weapons allowed on the resort and SC does not have reciprocity wit UT. Which I'm fine with. Good thing the resort had so much stuff to do for mine and our neighbors family to do. And store runs we're...
  4. Terry 2

    Am I in the wrong?

    On my day off. A very close friend calls. Hey bud I'm in town till Monday. He is a musician and is always traveling. Do you have time to go to the range. Of coarse I ask my awesome wife If I could go. She said why are you asking. I kind of giggled. So we go to the range. And caught up from the...
  5. Terry 2

    .40 S&W ammo

    hello all, i normally shoot Federal ammo 180 grain target ammo and 180 grain hydra shok's. i bought some winchester ammo. same grain both target loads and some PDX-1. and noticed a pretty signifigant difference. the winchester's seemed to put off more residue. 10 rounds in and my...