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  1. X1911

    Great news in Michigan - SB 59

    Senate Bill 59 has made it's way to Snyder's desk and we are hopeful it will pass. The bill will: Help streamline the CPL process by requiring the "licensing authority" to issue or deny a license within 45 days of the application being submitted. If they fail to do so you will have some of your...
  2. X1911

    Michigan Open Carry Requirements

    Bikenut is correct.
  3. X1911

    Carry in golf atire

    I will be working at a golf course this summer and into the fall and am trying to figure out how I should carry. My dress will probably be dress pants and a polo. I have a Sig 238 and a Springfield XDmc that I can carry concealed but I'll probably carry the Sig 238. I've pretty much ruled out...
  4. X1911

    Michigan Open Carry Events

    This is for those who are in Michigan and would be interested in attending an open carry lunch. You do not have to open carry or anything it's a pretty good time and a great chance to talk guns and other stuff with like minded people. Battle Creek: Link Removed Big Rapids: Link Removed Port...
  5. X1911

    SOB Carry

    First off yes I know SOB carry is dangerous and all that I know so please let's not get into that. I'm considering getting a Crossbreed Supertuck for SOB does anyone else use that holster for SOB carry and if you do SOB carry just not with that holster what do you use. Also if you SOB carry how...
  6. X1911

    Penn's Take on Women Carrying

    Link Removed Skip to about 5:30 in if you want to see the part on women. If you want to see the full episode this is the 1st and 3rd videos: YouTube- BULLSH#T! On Gun Laws Part 1 YouTube- BULLSH#T! On Gun Laws Part 3