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  1. Woody1960

    "You Better Be A Good Shot"

    LMAO!! Thats a great story. To many punks now a days think they are Barney bad asses, till someone stands up to them.
  2. Woody1960


    I am thinking of maybe getting oa holster with Kydex and was wondering if anybody has had a problem with Kydex leaving marks or wear spots on your firearm with it? Thanks.
  3. Woody1960

    One for the good guys. Yes... it's Florida again!

    Oh that mean women! She went and shot that little boy who never did no wrong... +1 for the good guys.:sarcastic:
  4. Woody1960

    SR9c mag holder

    I am looking for a SR9c mag holder for the 17 round mag. Thanks for any ideas.
  5. Woody1960

    Mid Michigan open carry

    Anybody here from mid MI that OC? Just wondering, where do you OC at? :unsure:
  6. Woody1960

    pic of gun gets Dad arrested

    Lib tards at their finest....
  7. Woody1960

    Cops: Fatal shooting of robbery suspect self defence

    X1 for the good guy's... :sarcastic: