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  1. johnsonabq

    I finally got it!

    It took 71 days which isn't too bad I guess. Just seemed like forever. :laugh:
  2. johnsonabq

    Crimson Trace LG-436 Laserguard on a G36

    Has anyone been using the LG-436 Laserguard on their G36? How has it worked for you? Have you had trouble finding holsters?
  3. johnsonabq

    Three Pro-Gun Bills Fall Short in New Mexico as Legislature Adjourns

    The New Mexico Legislature adjourned sine die on Saturday, March 21. Thanks to your phone calls and emails, three NRA-backed measures made tremendous progress through the legislative process, but fell just short of the goal line: Senate Bill 608 authored by State Senator George Munoz (D-4), New...
  4. johnsonabq

    NM Gun Owners Unite!

    Is there any kind of organization that NM residents can join that will allow us to speak with one voice for an organized effort to make the much needed reforms to our CC laws? e.g. Only one concealed gun at a time, no CCW's in state parks, two year refresher, etc...
  5. johnsonabq

    Carrying a BUG

    I read in one of the other threads that we cannot carry more than one gun. I went over the complete act and I can't find anything about that restriction. Was it lifted?
  6. johnsonabq

    No CCW in state parks

    It seems it's not allowed in NM state parks... FIREARMS AND BOWS: Possession of firearms with a cartridge in any portion of the mechanism or the discharge of firearms, arrows and air or gas fired projectiles, weapons and any other device capable of causing injury to persons or...
  7. johnsonabq

    Concealed carry in National Forests in New Mexico

    Yes! That's what I was looking for. Thanks. :dance3: :victory:
  8. johnsonabq

    Concealed carry in National Forests in New Mexico

    For the life of me I can't find out if it's legal to carry concealed in New Mexico while in National Forests or Wilderness areas. I like to go hiking in the mountains outside of Albuquerque but have heard of mountain lion problems and would like to take my .357 with me.
  9. johnsonabq

    Hornady JHP 147gr TAP FPD

    I cannot find anybody on line or in town that has 9mm Federal HST in stock. Wound up at my favorite gun shop and discussed what they had with a couple of the guys and went home with two 25rnd boxes of Hornady JHP 147gr TAP FPD. Will test in my PM9 this weekend. Does anyone have any info on...
  10. johnsonabq


    Tried this somewhere else. Maybe better response here... Should be getting my Kahr PM9 in about a week. Seemed like the perfect everyday gun for me. Then I went to another carry site and heard a lot of bad things about Kahrs. Especially the polymer models. Hope I did the right thing? Come on...
  11. johnsonabq

    Kahr PM9

    I ordered a new Kahr PM9 today; all black with night sights. Does anybody know which tritium night sights Kahr installs at the factory? The Kahr Arms On line Shop has Novak, Meprolight, Trijicon, and XS Sight System. I assume one of those is what the factory puts on, just don't know which. Any...
  12. johnsonabq

    9mm Ammo

    Further Info I've done some further investigation and also find the Federal 147gr HST seems to be the best. After comming back and looking at Scarecrow's link I think the results are obvious. The147gr HST is the best. I found this link to buy it. It's not cheap but worth the security it gives...
  13. johnsonabq

    9mm Ammo

    Simple question... What do you think is the best is the best ammo for a small 9mm for self defence?
  14. johnsonabq

    How do you carry?

    What is your preferred method to carry? Ankle holster, IWB, Shoulder holster, etc. I'm taking my CCW class in 5 weeks and will apply the next day. I'm 5'10" medium build and leaning towards the ankle holster. Need input... Thanks! FYI... I now have a Glock 27 .40 S&W and a Taurus 606 2" .357...
  15. johnsonabq

    Slide release on a Kimber

    Still thinking of a Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II but I looked at one today and had a hell of a time with the slide release. Couldn't do it with my thumb. Will this work out with use?
  16. johnsonabq

    Kimber with laser sights.

    I'm thinking of getting a Kimber Ultra Carry II w/ laser sights. A local dealer has one for $1050. Anybody carry one of these? I also welcome any comments you might have on laser sights in general.