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  1. danhammondsr

    Best Way To Conceal For a Small Guy

    The Discreet Pack is kewl... if you like that engineer-with-a-calculator-on-his-belt thing. I think it's nearly as big a giveaway as the maxpedition gunslinger packs are. Who would ever carry something like that on their belt for any reason *other* than to carry a gun?:smile:
  2. danhammondsr

    Good Sub-compact for the price

    I was going to recommend the Kahr line. I have a Kahr CW 40 that I really like. But since you already own a Glock in .40, I would say get one of the small glocks. If I'm not mistaken you can use the same magazines in the smaller frame. So you carry the short magazine in the holster, and...