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    Need advice on letter to judge to remove restriction

    Have you heard anything back on this?
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    New Member Welcome Thread 3

    Good to see some new members.
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    What's the best .380

    How about a Walther PPK?
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    OK CC License No Longer Valid in WA

    Washington and Oregon are sort of like Illinois. If you could remove Seattle, Portland and Chicago from their respective states, that state would not be all that bad, IMHO.
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    Democrats Just Threw Hillary Clinton Under The Bus

    I am pretty sure she doesn't have any remaining shelf life.
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    Democrats Just Threw Hillary Clinton Under The Bus

    The problem with Hillary Clinton in both 2016 and 2008 was the same problem George H. W. Bush had in 1992, Bob Dole had in 1996, Al Gore had in 2000, and John McCain had in 2008. All of the people run for president with the platform of "It's my turn to be president." and that does not work with...
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    That Awkward Moment When You Get Your Ass Beat AND Your Gun Stolen.

    Spoken like a true blue sheepdog.
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    Dry Firing a Glock

    The issue is not with the class, but with a failure within the student.
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    Virginia State Candidates

    School Choice is long overdue, IMHO.
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    Signs of the End of the World As We Know It

    You never watched the movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy" have you? The antichrist was the Land Rover that if it stalled out on you, it took all hell to get it to start back up again.
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    Covid Vaccine isn’t a Vaccine – Secret Genocide

    The NWO always had six main goals, 1- Keep the Big Gold Belt, around the waste of Hulk Hogan. 2- Keep the WCW World Tag Team titles out of the hands of Robert and Scott Rechsteiner, better known and Rick and Scott the Steiner brothers, and in the hands...
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    Covid Camps: Are government round-ups of resistors in our future?

    Question: if they are going to round up resistors, are they going to round up capacitors and transistors as well?
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    OK CC License No Longer Valid in WA

    That rules out a trip to Seattle. No doubt Steve Largent is annoyed at this move.
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    That Awkward Moment When You Get Your Ass Beat AND Your Gun Stolen.

    Maybe the sheepdogs can come up with a CCW Decal for scooters.
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    Tisas Promotion Film

    The narrator to this video knows his stuff. He mentioned the Singer made 1911, one of the rarest of the WWII era 1911s.
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    Looking to get some new gear… any help?

    Do you have a link for this product line?
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    Military Members Say They’ll ‘Quit’ If Army Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine

    In the military you follow orders, period, end, or you are potentially subject to criminal prosecution. It's not like getting a job at Wall-Mart, you can't just quit if you do not like some rule change. You are not entitled to union representation, nor can you go on strike.
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    Dry Firing a Glock

    I actually agree with you on this point. It would be a waste of your time because you would not be able to learn anything from the said course because in your mind you know everything.
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    Planned Parenthood 'Protects' Pedophiles

    This also assumes that the assailant actually did all seven years of his sentence without getting paroled.
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    Dry Firing a Glock

    A certified advanced Glock armorer. (Hint: Those are the people that teach the Glock armorer's course, the course you need to take to become a certified Glock armorer.)