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    Will You Ever Need It?

    Wife was not a gun person for years. But she became disabled, and the world is getting scarier, so one Christmas she asked for a revolver and a shotgun. Surprised me, but I thought it was great. I already had a shotgun and a pistol, so why not. We took CCWP classes together, including range...
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    S&W 642 vs Ruger LCR vs Taurus 850

    Suggestions please. I have essential tremors, so I am a lousy shot. I'm working on it, and improving slowly (I think). Because of a recent back problem, running or fighting just became a non-choice. Thus I plan to get a CCW soon. I'm fairly experienced around guns, and really like my S&W...
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    Used 22 Cartridge Case Cleaning - Snap Caps

    I’m a newbie, so please be gentle. Wife and I are beginning to get into target shooting. We are starting from near ground zero, and learning fast. Joined NRA, took defensive class, created range on property, bought a few guns, and are having fun. Wife is handicapped, and she can’t run, so she...