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    LEO in Portland, ME. This guy knows is cases and rights. Very impressive.

    from a man stopped in Portland, ME because of complaints about a person carrying a gun. This man kept his composure and cited his encyclopedic knowledge of court rulings on his rights to carry and be stopped, searched and detained. Sorry if this has been posted before (not sure) but I just saw...
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    Shootout in Greenland

    Link Removed It is confirmed that Police Chief Michael Maloney was killed in the line of duty. My deepest sympathies to his family, friends and fellow officers.
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    Shootout in Greenland

    Link Removed Roid Rage gone bad with multiple police shot in Greenland. Hopefully they all recover quickly and don't have any life threatening injuries.
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    Federal Judge rules that Maryland's handgun requirements unconstitutional

    The original link to Federal Judge rules that Maryland's handgun requirements unconstitutional as been deleted.
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    Farmington man who stops robber charged with felony

    Farmington homeowner who held burglar to face felony charge By LAURENNE RAMSDELL [email protected] Monday, February 20, 2012 @Cutline nameline:Joseph Hebert Click here to view Foster's prints for sale FARMINGTON — The homeowner who held the man allegedly tied to two Ten Rod Road...
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    Competing Bills Would End Concealed Weapon License Requirement

    Looks like a step in the right direction. Even if the Gov. veto's bill there should be enough votes to override it. Link Removed
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    One step closer to a Police state

    This ruling by the Courts is a slap in the face of the Constitution. "Alito stressed that residents do not have to open their door to police, but if they generate suspicious noises inside, they create grounds for officers to enter." So basically if the Police surprise you by slamming on your...
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    Moving to New HAmpshire

    Congrats on your decision to leave The Peoples Republic of Massachusetts. Like Highline said, as long as you aren't bringing anything really serious with you then you can drive right across the state line into NH with your handguns, rifles and shotguns. Just don't have them loaded in your car...
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    People in Portsmouth panic at the sight of man with guns.

    This is crazy! This guy who had just returned from the range couldn't find a parking space near his Portsmouth home, so he parked a few blocks away and carried his shotgun and pistol from his car to his house. Several people freaked out and called 911 and the police responded in force. Lucky the...
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    Competing Bills Would End Concealed Weapon License Requirement

    Here is an update on the the 3 bills. Looks like the committee has recommended HB 330 for vote, is going to hold off on voting on HB 536 until next year and and did not recommend HB 378. Link Removed