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    Enhance your dryfire training

    L.A.S.R. Laser Activated Shot Reporter "Enhance your dryfire training." Links To Link Removed Link Removed Our Catalog We have been selling L.A.S.R. software licenses for about a month now, but we just recently got all the laser training aides added to the online store. You get a discount...
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    Enhance your dryfire training

    Thanks for the feedback! We are looking into optional sounds for our Pro version users, but most of our efforts are going towards polishing our "Shooter Diagnostics Mode" and "Race Mode" right now. Check out the Link Removed page for more info on those. Edit: fixed the link
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    Enhance your dryfire training

    Just wanted to give ya'll a heads up; our "Product Launch" sale ends March 1st 2013. After that our wholesale pricing kicks in and we have to start respecting our own MSRP... in simpler language: the price for both versions goes up $15. Don't miss out on the lowest price you will ever see on...
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    Enhance your dryfire training

    First off, hello Missouri! Wanted to let you know about a new product that we will be exhibiting and selling at the upcoming KCI Gun Show on Feb 16th and the 17th. Laser Activated Shot Reporter (L.A.S.R.) a computer program that can provide real-time feedback on shot placement and times...
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    Anyone going to the Lincoln Gun show?

    If you want to try Target Tracker in person, stop by our booth at the Lincoln Gun Show, January 26th and 27th, at the Lancaster Events Center. This is our first public demo. We will have several targets and several weapons/laser training aides for you to try out. Link Removed
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    Who uses laser training aides for dryfire?

    Wanted to let folks here know about a new product in development by MWTS and Centrolutions. Want to get more from your dryfire training? This program is designed to provide real time feedback on shot placement and times, and has a variety of different modes and features to help you get more...