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    Belt Recommadation Take a look at D.M. Bullard. Execellent workmanship. Link Removed
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    Traveling with my handgun?

    Info 18 USC Sec. 926a applies. Link Removed
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    This is for real folks.

    No value added; deleted.
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    Is it leagal to conceal carry in National Parks?
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    CCW endorsement on NCDL

    Has there been any discussion about approaching our elected officials about having our CCW permit issued as an indorsement on NC drivers license?
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    It Finally Happened

    The time: 0200 July 5, Hwy17 North to New Bern, NC from Jacksonville, NC My wife and I, with another couple rode our motorcycles to Myrtle Beach, SC to see the Carolina Opry. We departed Havelock, NC at 2:30 pm and headed West on HWY 70, we met the other couple and headed south on hwy 17. I...