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    33 round pistol magazines ???

    Hey there Are 33 round pistol magazines legal in Pennsylvania ?
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    Deals and reviews

    Was sniffing around the web for good prices and stuff and hit upon this place. Thought I'd share. Pretty good prices and have some good reviews to boot. Discounts for military and police. And it says they're the only distributor of FrogLube in all of Tenn. That's got to make them pretty darn...
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    More bills than I thought

    Bill Tracking - Palmetto Gun Rights
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    It's about SC !

    ... in the title, but they hardly mention us ? ? ? ? SC Among 12 States on Path to No Gun Permits |
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    Do you notify the front desk person at a hotel that you have a CCW Permit?

    Well wouldn't that apply to anyone then anywhere then ? Just how long are you going to be in front of this desk clerk doing what sort of movements ? If your carry rig is that apt to show getting things out your pocket then before you go in have the items you need to check in already in your...
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    Do you notify the front desk person at a hotel that you have a CCW Permit?

    Do you inform the front desk about your CCW at check-in? Good God no ! Why would I do that ?
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    Granted it' not exactly gun related.....

    ... but as long as the gun laws are getting changed, how about some knife laws ? What comes to mind is local blade length regulations. Say 3 inches here, drive down the road 2 miles and it's 2 inch territory.Walk into WalMart and grab any of their numerous 3.5 blades and never be able to carry...
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    Ordering ammunition question

    Ant there in Sc regulations about ordering ammunition thru the mail/ups in SC ?
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    PDX-1 165 gr 40 S&W barrier tests ?????

    Anyone aware of a place that lists barrier test results [ cars,walls,auto glass, etc.... ]? I know I remember seeing some somewhere a year or two ago but I can't find any now for the life of me.
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    Out of all the states with CWP laws.......

    ...... which ones don't allow a business to ban concealed weapons from their premises either by sign or verbally ?
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    Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Introduced

    South Carolina Sheriffs' Association ? More like the South Carolina Wanna-Be- Politicians Association. Does any money from the cw permits trickle down to the sheriff offices ?
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    Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Introduced

    Nuts ! :mad: Not yet anyway :fie: Link Removed
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    Piston Carrier Tilt ?

    Anyone know exactly what carrier tilt will cause to a rifle in the long run ? Does it stop at a certain point and not wear anymore ?
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    The Holy Grail for Benelli owners!!!

    For a Holy Grail, Grail how about a shorter stock for the M1 M2 and M4 ????? Link Removed Finally after all these years my M1 will fit me.
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    Ruger SR aftermarket parts ?

    Is anyone aware of an after market loaded chamber indicator for the SR that doesn't stand up like Mt. Everest ? Thanks
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    CWP manual ?

    Howdy I'm gonna try for my permit in the next 3 or 4 weeks.I was wondering if the study manual you get in class is available online anywhere ? From what I hear it's pretty basic and easy but ever since I was little I always had trouble with written tests, a screw loose I guess, and I wanted...