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    Going to California from Texas for job.

    I have a question my job is taking me to California for a while till I can get back to Texas maybe a year. I have no plans of becoming a part of that commie state mind you. My mom lives out there and she is getting up in her years and wants to buy a firearm for her. She will do all the red...
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    What will become collectable

    Question for all. What current firearm made today will make it to be a collectable in the future. People in 1873 never thought the Colt Peacemaker would but it did. Lets just say if you were going to buy a firearm today to sell in 150 years from now what would it be?
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    Question on Utah ccw

    I have heard that Utah will no longer reissue a chl after the one you have expires if you live in another state. I live in Texas and a couple of years ago a few buddies and I from work got the Utah chl. Can someone please give me the straight scoop on this? I have also true to Texas tradition...