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    163 US Reps sign letter demanding Boehner to allow gun control votes….

    E gads!!! Bloomie and his group would stoop to lying?????? Say it ain't so.
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    I'm with you 100% Brother in Arms.
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    How Are You Going To Vote?

    I know that there are a lot of us that do not agree with some or most of what Mitch stands for. I do believe that he will beat Blevins for the Republican slot. I do believe that Grimes, if elected, will simple go along with the Democratic platform....meaning anti-gun. Mitch has an A+ rating with...
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    Kentucky Gun Rights

    I'm pretty new to Kentucky having moved here 16 Sept 11 from W.V. Just curious as to how other Kentuckians feel Kentucky stacks up as a pro gun state. Do you feel that Kentucky is very pro gun, some what pro gun, etc, etc.
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    First AR

    I bought my first AR, a Del-Ton Sierra 316 MOE 5.56. Any opinions?
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    Stoeger "Double Defense" Shotgun

    Just bought a Stoeger "Double Defense" shotgun in 12 gauge for home defense. Any comments?
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    Gun in Outer Space

    The wife just heard Al Roker on the Weather Channel state that our astronauts in space have carried firearms. I wonder if Feinstein, Shumer, McCarthy and their like know of this?