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    Veterans/Military "sign in" honor list

    Branch of Service ARMY Years Served 86 to 89 Duty Station Fort Riley 121 signal (Tell us what to want)
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    I ask why?

    Chen, I guess I should of put in there that it is my way of thinking. Or that I would feel like a target. In my head if I am a bg and I want to do something I am going to take out the guy with the gun first. Army training sir. I am a single individual I can only speak for me and my thoughts and...
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    I ask why?

    What I stated is fact. Link Removed You edited out the part were I said by the BG or the LEO for those who dont know LEO is short had for Law Enforcement Officer.
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    I ask why?

    I was attempting to read another thread in the forum; however I now can not remember what it was about because it got so hijacked. What I do remember is people arguing about Open vs concealed. Now I know that I prefer concealed because I don't want to walk around as a target. Bad guy, LEO...
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    Triple XL

    I had to go to the local cop shop to get printed for a job I am applying for. While I was there I figured I might as well apply for a Concealed Carry license. It just came in the mail, and they even laminated it for me. That brings me to my question. I am what you would call a full size man...