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    Holster report

    I searched for a long time trying to find a proper holster for my Browning that I could afford. Privateer holsters provided just what I wanted. Wes's craftsmanship is superb. The holster holds my pistol as tight as Kim Kardashian's tights do her rear end! :haha: I...
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    "It's" backl !!!

    They just never give up!!! Link Removed
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    I'm always trying to read and learn

    Has anyone on the forum read this book? I'm curious because it's so short. Tactical Firearms Training Secrets Is it worth the time to read?
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    Getting ready for a trip to your lovely State

    Title says it clearly. I'm going to be spending a week in Ohio in May of '15 visiting my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. I live in Oklahoma, where I hold a CCW license. I know the laws here, but am not sure of those in your State. Are there any little "gotchyas" I need to look out...
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    This just in from the NRA News Site

    I'm not an AR15 owner, but what affects one affects all of us. Amazing what can be accomplished with a stroke of a pen!!!!!
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    Carrying a loaded long-gun in the vehicle in OK

    I vaguely remember the instructor in my Concealed Carry class saying it was legal to carry a loaded long-gun in my vehicle if I have a concealed carry permit...............and that it didn't have to be concealed. I'd like to be able to carry a Lever gun with loaded magazine.........but not one...
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    OWB holster for Browning Hi-Power

    I daily carry a Glock 29 in a Wrights Leatherworks Predator Pancake holster. Fantastic holster. But I'm considering carrying my Browning Hi-Power during the Winter when I wear a little more covering...
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    Length of time to receive CCW license in OK?

    Took my concealed carry class Nov 7th. Turned in paperwork on the 10th. Curious to know if anyone has a feel for how long it is presently taking to get a license back from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. By the way, this was a renewal of a license I let expire about 10 years ago.
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    Looking for a specific person.

    I've been agonizing about what kind of finish to put on my Browning Hi-Power since I dislike the parkerized one so much. I had finally pared it down to a Black Nitride finish, but it was mentioned the heat from the process would dislodge the barrel bushing. When I contacted H&M and asked them...