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    Seeking Input on Entry Level AR 15's

    I have a DPMS 223/556. HAs been used on three hog hunts with success. I have fired several different brands of ammo with no issues, I have even had my slide fire stock on it, it'll dump 30 rounds very quickly. I think it is a great entry level AR15.
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    Gun Rust Question

    Hey Folks....I own four stainless pistols and only one is causing me fits. The Colt 1911, bought it new last year. Has the brushed stainless finish with polished finish on the sides of the slide. The brushed finish will develop a very thin layer of rust if I leave unattended for more than a few...
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    Fun Day at the Range Today

    My wife has always liked shooting a rifle but hated pistols, she didn't like the idea of me buying pistols and getting my CCP. Over the past several years she seemed to be coming around. There have been two instances that have made her nervous while we were together and she asked if I was...
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    Glock 36

    I like shooting .45acp and 1911's, my latest firearm purchase is a G36. I had been wanting to get my hands on one for more than six months and just haven't seen them in the LGS's I frequent. That is until last Friday. Went to the range to renew my membership and saw this G36 in the display case...
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    Overheated Barrel

    After sighting in my scope on my DPMS AR15 I began to play which ended up in my opinion overheating the barrel. It has the slide fire stock on it but really thought I was being careful. Well the last mag I shot the barrel turned almost white and now has cooled to a dull grey. Didn't and don't...
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    JP Saur & Sohns

    Any of you folks know anything about this company. My Uncle has a matching set of two pistols, one in 22LR/22mag and another in .45LC. Same frames, shaped like the Colt .45 army. I see that at some point and time they may have merged and now is Sig Saur.........Haven't found a lot of info yet...
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    Boston Explosions

    This slipped through the cracks didn't it? Very unfortunate, and my heart goes out to those injured and killed. My take is the feds and local LEO's let thier gaurd down as did the people/civilians with the present addministrations determination to disarm its citizens, who the hell want's to get...
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    Kimber Pro Carry II

    Bought a Kimber Pro Carry II (.45 auto) this weekend, Thought I would ask what the thoughts were of you fellow members. Shot it today after cleaning this weekend, Handles nice, feels good in my hand, and maintained a 3" grouping at 7 and 9 yards, will experiment with further distances later as...
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    Governments Act of Desperaration

    The recent report I heard on NBC concerning the Country of Cypress and the fact the the government was considering or was going to take/ confiscate as much as 10% of each individuals bank account to assist with the small nations dept. Yes there were varying percetage rates for a suggested...
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    Military Excesises in North Raleigh, NC

    Two nights ago (Wednesday) Multiple reports were called into local LEO's as were the local news media, seems as though it was a military excerise in North Raleigh using 5 Apachee's. The news reported it was a military training excersise, Over north Raleigh and over 500K homes at 8:00 PM at...
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    Cheaper than Dirt........BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

    I never have bought anything from CTD to date but I certainly check the site to compare prices from time to time. I was stunned and disgusted at what I saw today. These fools certainly won't get any of my money. 33 round stock Glock 17 mag......$189.00 (I bought this at my LGS two...
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    Our Childrens Security

    This is not a gun related topic so to speak but I think our childrens security has been addressed numerous times on this site. Since the the Newtown Shooting various schools around the country have been very negetive about security/ armed security in our schools to protect our children from...
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    Walmart Done Went Crazy !

    Nice selection of ammo, I recently aquirred a 1911 and a Glock 21, and have found some .45 ammo at what I thought was a decent price for target loads. Sad thing is as soon as I buy the ammo I usually have gone to the range and used most of it up. I just have so much fun. Plenty of 9mm and .40...
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    S&W 22A Questions???

    For starters, I got the S&W 22A a week or so ago for the wife to shoot and plinking for myself. She doesn't like my larger caliber weapons, there're to loud she says. The 22A is a very fun gun to shoot and fairly accurate however........ .22's are dirty, dirty rounds, I know, at least Federal...
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    what should i do now?

    Link RemovedLink Removed Hey All......Update on Sprincess and the range session and her new XP4, one photo with her holding her new weapon under the target after firing multiple rounds, getting used to it. The second is of her last two mags and the last of the ammo we had with us. I think she...
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    what should i do now?

    Link Removed Hey All.......We were using a different target today, princess shot first and this photo is from her first mag with the LC9. I believe it's a six inch circle but might be a little larger. Anyways her first shot was way low. I saw her shake her head, adjust her feet, relax her...
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    what should i do now?

    Hey All........Princesses target from today's range session, kind of fuzzy but you can still the holes. Shooting slightly further away than last time, This time however she shot with the LC9, M&P .40 and the .38 Airweight. Again I was impressed. She shot the LC9 the most and I'm telling you she...
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    what should i do now?

    Hey Princess....the photo is of my latest purchase, S&W 642 Airweight .38 cal. Haven't shot it yet but plan to if I can fit a range visit into my schedule on Friday. it's not worth a crap for any distance I know, but I bet if the BG get's within 20 feet of me he's mine. This is something that I...
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    what should i do now?

    Link Removed Hey ALL......Not sure how this is going to look, anyways this photo is what princess did at the range today using my LC9 at 5 to 6 yards. she handled it very well. She did make a comment about still being undecided about her weapon. I looked at her and then the target and back at...