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    Are Polls Available Here?

    Are we allowed (able) to post a a "survey", I suppose you might say? I am curious as to the "average" (approximates are fine of course) number of rounds folks fire per week or months (or bi-monthly - whenever we shoot) at the range, or wherever it is, that we shoot...?
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    Problem with the Company that I Tested with...

    Hello everyone, I have a bit of an issue related to the company I tested with for my CCW Permit Requirement. Here's my question (and perhaps it's better suited for one of the other sub-forums - I'm not sure?): Because I had already owned/been handling a pistol for over a year, and based-on my...
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    Bore Snake vs. Bore Snake "Viper"?

    Can anyone please possibly tell me the difference between: "Hoppe's Bore-Snake #24002 9mm", and, "Hoppe's Bore-Snake Viper 24002V VIPER 9mm, Clam E/F", other than the $2 or $3 difference in price that I see online, please? Thanks in advance...
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    Birchwood Casey "Gun Scrubber" any good?

    Fellow Firearms Friends, Fanatics, Followers, Folks, and Aficionados: Not sure which sub-forum would be any better suited for this question, so here we go...... Birchwood Casey "Gun Scrubber" (spray can) - is this stuff a "good" general/all-purpose cleaner for ALL firearms, please? Any/all...
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    List Of Virginia Gun Stores

    NUCKOLS GUN WORKS 1801 W Beverley St Staunton, VA 24401 Phone: 540-886-3061 Link Removed Only just spoke to them on the phone yesterday for the first time (and "The Boss", there, is supposedly searching for something for me), but they seem like a nice bunch ... so far...... *UPDATED* -...