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    Are they trying to make CT an Example?

    Attention Connecticut Gun Owners and Sportsmen - Next Round of Anti-Gun Law Provisions Take Effect on April 1 YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME ?????? The last major round of provisions in Senate Bill 1160 (now Public Act 13-3), passed in the Connecticut General Assembly and signed into law by...
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    Alcohol in Restaurants

    Just voicing my frustration again on SC NOT passing some sort of restaurant carry bill. More states than not allow you to carry in restaurants that serve alcohol. And now the worst of all: Illinois's new concealed carry bill allows for carry in restaurants that sell alcohol. ILLINOIS!!! I hope...
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    Need to Hurry the "Restaurant Carry" Bill

    I was never comfortable leaving my handgun in the car when eating out. But in the back of my mind was always,"Well if stolen it will cost me to buy a new one, however that is better than breaking the law." Our new world now is different should I lose my carry gun by theft how will I replace it...
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    Who is Standing in the Way

    I understand it was Jake Knotts. He was head of commitee and stopped it from going forwad. I could be wrong. Try this link. They answer questions quickly. Link Removed
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    Put on hold until next year. With all the states making gun laws less strict especially the carry in establishments serving alcohol it is a pity we in SC have to wait until next year.
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    A while back a bill was proposed in SC, one that would solve many problems but also had some issues. After a massive pissing contest between Grassroots SC, disgruntled members, and representatives amending the bill nothing has been heard for two months. Grassroots does not answer any email...