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    Searching for new holster.

    I have a problem I never thought I'd have. A year ago I crushed my right shoulder and can no longer carry on my right side. I have been carrying on my left with an ambidextrous soft IWB holster. Works great with my little Sig P238. My problem is finding a similar holster for my Springfield XD...
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    California, the Second Amendment, and You

    Been reading (and re-reading) the posts on this forum about our state's treatment of the Second Amendment and our right to "keep and bear arms". One thing keeps coming to my attention....there are a lot of people, both residents and non-residents, of our state who keep whining about how unfair...
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    Sunny (sad) story from CA

    Here in the "Golden State" every county has their own regulations concerning obtaining a concealed carry permit. My county requires a psychological exam. Cost $150 cash, no checks, no debit cards, no credit cards.. Takes most of the day. And, the psychological evaluation company is in another...
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    SB53 - Proposed ammunition registration law.

    Yesterday (6/29/14) while waiting in Walmart to purchase .22LR ammunition, I watched the cashier question the young man ahead of me in line. He was purchasing 3 boxes of .22LR, 1 box each of 9mm, 45ACP, and 40 S&W. As the clerk is ringing up his sale, she asked him whether the .22LR was for a...
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    Need your input on marking home built AR15

    We're building 2 AR15's and have decided to mark them with our own serial number or other such. The reasoning behind this is this, if one is stolen, we have identifying marks for ownership verification. Is this a good idea...or not? What have you all done?
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    Shooting with your weak hand

    I am trying to complete the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program. I have finished up through the Sharpshooter qualification. The Expert qualification is next and it requires shooting single-handed with your weak hand. My problem is I am having trouble lining up my "strong" eye with...
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    Conversation in Cabela's

    Visited my 2 sons in Boise, ID last week. Had an interesting conversation with a young couple in Cabela's at the firearms counter. They had taken their 5 year old son to the range that day to shoot a .22 rifle. I congratulated them on starting to teach gun safety to him young. We talked a while...
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    Security guard dies from stab wounds at local 99 cent store.

    Thursday, in a 99 cent store in Salinas, CA, a security guard was killed. The guard was unarmed. Shoppers in the store tried to stop the stabbing by throwing canned goods at the criminal. There evidently was no one in the store with a CCW.
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    Transporting Handguns Question

    I'm confused. According to CA law, carrying a handgun concealed within a vehicle is prohibited without a license. In other words, a handgun in a glove compartment or under the seat, is considered to be concealed. If you place your handgun in a locked container in other that those 2 places is NOT...
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    Learning Experience

    In looking around on this website yesterday, I learned something that I should have known, but didn't. Now I feel like a dunce. I did not know that the state of California does not accept CCW from any other state, not one, nada, zilch. No reciprocity what so ever! Now I know this is not news to...