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    FNH 5.8 Semi Auto

    Well apparently you have never shot one for real. I find no truth in any of your comments(except the one about getting 12 different responses). Trust me, I might know what I am talking about on this subject. You compare it to a .22 mag??? are you fricking nuts. I am a 45acp man personally...
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    FNH 5.8 Semi Auto

    You might get more info from the link below. I own one and love it. the Balistics are pretty darn good. With cetain ammo, wound paths look similar to a 45acp. Recoil as stated above is non-existent which allows quicker target aquisition. The gun is ambidextrous so lefty or righty can enjoy...
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    Kahr Arms PM9

    I have the PM40 and really like it. It is sleek, stylish and very reliable. The PM9 is the same size. I use an inside the belt holster, but it usually ends up in my pocket. I have never had a mis-fire or any hiccup with it. It isn't as accurate as my Glock 27 but at 10 yards it puts them...
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    Used guns

    I use the following sites below. I also throw them on various forums. If I have a FN I go to FN PS90 FN SCAR FN FS2000 FN FiveseveN 5.7x28mm FNP :: FN Forum.NET so forth and so on. Most the forums are free to sign up. as for , It is alright for specialty items, but anything...
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    Barrel Break-In

    I just went through the same thing. I got some schooling from some old pros on my new 700 SPS in .308. I got the gun last month and wanted to do it right. I also started with breakdown then clean and lube. I was told 1 shot 1 clean for the first 10 and then every 2nd or 3rd shot and...
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    Chris Christie Commutes Brian Aitken's Sentence

    I knew I liked that big guy for some reason :biggrin: Chris Christie Commutes Brian Aitken's Sentence - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine Chris Christie Commutes Brian Aitken's Sentence This is great news: Brian Aitken, who was convicted of illegally possessing two handguns that he had...
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    Guns for Christmas?

    Here is one for $188 Link Removed
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    Guns for Christmas?

    Yep, I have the ups tracking number and expect it at my FFL Thursday. WOO HOO :biggrin: It's a New FN Scar 16s Limited Edition, which I will soon be trading for a Black 16s(gawd I hate those golden rainbows). Link Removed
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    s&w 340pd

    I know they are expensive, but at least try shooting a few of your 357 carry loads at the range. It is night and day difference(semi-ouch). It will at least let you know what you are in store for if you ever have to use them for real. I just like knowing I have a bad azz round capable of...
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    s&w 340pd

    I have the 360pd( I like the hammer :biggrin: ). I have a don hume #3 belt holster. I would have prefered a clip or paddle as it's a "PITA" taking it on and off. But I really like the holster other than that. Yes it does kick like a mule with Hornady tap 357mag, but it's much more manageable...
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    Glock 27

    G-27 is one of my carry weapons. As stated above, It is very reliable. If you have bigger hands get the pinky +1 mag extensions as it made the world of difference to me. I would highly suggest putting Crimson Trace grips on it. Can be found for around $175. I turns it into a PHD gun(point...
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    Glock 26 question

    It doesn't seem too bad. Make sure your guide rod is seated properly. I took a picture of my 27(left) and 30(right) for comparison. The 27 is essentially identical to your 26. My 30 has an after market quide rod in it. I can move both guide rods with my finger a little. Hope this helps...
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    Considering buying a S&W .44 mag

    1.) Yep, Iv'e got one. 629 magna ported with jeweled triger and hammer. Also has crimson trace grips. 2.) Love the trigger. Best I have ever pulled. 3.) Bad choice for everyday carry, as it's too powerful of a round and the gun itself is pretty heavy. Balistically, its a bad choice...
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    Ok, I voted.. Let the good times roll

    Postem if Ya Gottem :? Link Removed
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    FN five seven

    The gun is a little pricey, but the ammo isn't bad at all. About $18ish per box of 50. It's made by one MFG so the quality is top notch. I have a little over 10k rounds of it (for my ps90 also) and have never had a bad round. Balistically its a great round and accurate to boot. I can easily...
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    CDDN has some goodies on sale

    CDNN has some goodies on sale First, I am not affiliated with CDNN in any way. I just like passing on good deals when I find them. They have some great CCW/BUG guns, Kel-Tec P3AT(380) $199 and the Kel-Tec PF9(9mm) - 229.99 I personally ordered the crimson trace laser for my ruger lcp and...
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    Adult air rifle for survival tool

    Funny you should mention air guns: I picked up a Crosman Phantom 1000x Air Rifle .177 w/4x32 Scope for $59 out of boredom a couple weeks ago. I know it's not a pistol, but boy was I pleasantly suprised. The little thing is a tac driver out to 50yds(ish). decent ammo for it runs $8 per 500...
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    What pocket holster do you use for a ruger lcp?

    Ok, I had to pass along a few discoveries today. First I showed the owner at the local gunshop my Ruger Lcp and asked what holster I should get. I also told him how much a POS the trigger was on it. He said try this one, he took out his pocket gun(kel tec 380, which was almost the same exact...
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    What pocket holster do you use for a ruger lcp?

    That one looks legal. as long as it coverst the trigger guard area you should be good to go. I think they are calling it a wallet due to its size and ability to fit in your back pocket.
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    What pocket holster do you use for a ruger lcp?

    That's the holster that could get you thrown in jail. POSTED BY ISLANDER: Wallet Guns" are on the list of "any other weapons" at BATFE. See clarification of law on pages 5-6 here: Link Removed However, some companies claim to have letters of clarification that their holsters are legal...