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    Springfield Armory XD 40.SW

    I carry a Springfield Armory XD in .40SW. What is the best load for it? I am being told that a .180gr bullet is the best, however am also being told to use the .160gr bullet. I use this gun for CC daily, and I use an IWB type holster for it. Being the fact that I am chubby (LOL) I cannot use...
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    Holster for a Springfield Armory XD40 Sub

    Hi, All! I am looking for a CC holster for my XD-40. My problem is that I am obese, and the holster it brings angles away from my side. I need a holster inside the pant, and I know someone out there has had the same problem and found a solution. Am tired of looking at catalogs and in gun shops...
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    CCW Time Frame in Florida

    Anyone knows how long after submitting for CCW in Florida will they send the licence?