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    What does LEO use for ammunition?

    Greetings all. What brand of ammunition do Delaware State Police and New Castle County Police carry? I ask because I believe it perhaps the safest way to go with concealed carry; can't be accused of using some "super deadly, horrifyingly devastating" bullet should there be a need. Mark
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    Newspaper Posting Requirement (NCC)

    Found my own answer I was able to find public notices that appear to meet the Delaware requirements. The wording was very consistent from advertisement to advertisement LEGAL NOTICE RE: DEADLY WEAPON I, <full name>. residing at <address including ZIP Code> will make application to the judges...
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    Newspaper Posting Requirement (NCC)

    Has anyone lately gone through the newspaper notification requirement in New Castle County for the CCW? I am assuming that the News Journal would suffice to meet the requirement, but am not sure. Also, is there suggested wording for the advertisement? Many thanks, Mark
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    New to the Forum

    Greetings all, I'm new to the forum. Interested in learning about how people have obtained CCW permits in Delaware. I completed a course a couple years ago, but never did anything with it. Any advice, particularly about the newspaper posting (Wilmington, DE area), would be appreciated...